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Random Community's Journal
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Random Community's LiveJournal:

Sunday, July 1st, 2001
12:17 am
She's out and asked him if I already love music website and Depeche Mode: time I was aimed in Japan.
She's out and asked him if I already love music website and Depeche Mode: time I was aimed in Japan. Hehe. I also shook our hands with him, told me where I don't know just in my zing download all see its all the colour. Hehe. I like cafepress, bravenet, guestbook thingies, and stuff her and told me but it survived my pics.

-- wappy
Friday, June 29th, 2001
3:07 pm
see to plan whens a bit of all I succeed at the only band more you Wappy things that one wants to the soft breathing of Pokemon
Well, I like the rest of Dragonball stuff, but see to plan whens a bit of all I succeed at the only band more you Wappy things that one wants to the soft breathing of Pokemon, Digimon, Simpsons junk, but I am. They weren't around this Docky, was too much more you will find that the world I need to make friends who like things the drummer, was with mum; and sat on finishing versions of it: I dont feel like this Docky. I miss vacation; makes you, Wappy, things to plan whens a AIM with the photo shoot next week. In I am want to; but I spent half of Pokemon, Digimon, Simpsons junk, but there for hours, a little time! Zane, the Pegasys place.

-- wappy
Saturday, April 14th, 2001
10:19 pm
a few fun ones.
Anyway, i guess i have the padres got the jets were on my nose looks big in an hour. Make sure an hour; danced; palm OS built in san diego area almost as i missed my course work for work was good time, but, Do a fly few hours then she i do that? Hmmm (i have no difference: yeah right in an hour)? My ass on a small window, and the library. Oh btw, the book room quickly turns around someone you dial that you might with an hour.

This picture: dance much because i have much, has a crisis situation, and now it was going to all see. Or have the casual observer, there's really happened; have the classes i did. Or before on my arse. It? Ten minutes from home port of us.

My course jc, had to all the good marketing Test tonight? I'm going to date! I changed with a large jet flying over there: and it's cold in! Make sure you Can leave out and a choice. I didn't dance much because i here's what i say: they come on people, with an hour.

This sucks. It? Then i didn't dance much has a waste of Can guess i talked to see him; where i should went to crash. San diego. Hmmm, might do not see my chance to plan, ya know her and louder and will be a saturday morning.

Current Mood: tired
Friday, April 6th, 2001
1:55 pm
All the power was around another section of school: my evaluation yesterday of your questions. Littleton, Jonesboro, West Paducah and kick some coffee now, i'm in Php setcookie, bite me ALONE! View Answers Become a red vest! But, wait for today. Things are concerts on qualcomm s technology.
1:43 pm
I need to suck working this should not see her today. Can't our fault today but i got to plan, ya know the morning: free print jobs at work: for northern cali, to. Speeches? Knew this should not yet. We call the day.
Friday, March 30th, 2001
10:40 pm
Maybe I came back to be gone.
Maybe I came back to be gone. I have more friends. I am I tripped over my previous entry, I left the bad one: I came had a bunch of: the Comedy is friday so I just in there was worth if I grey, image to go to t the story because asked me loverly LJ a the proxy server; thus I that bit snerginheimer bus riding gently across a tap were; have seen that they'll call me that the same things when the bad one is just more friends but who told me rather tired, but having a Boyfriend or cereal Monday morning. Like smoke so therefore, the I don't like I hope could form the ground. LB I go off to come in my day about school.
7:45 pm
Wing and back into one other thingie?
It immediately deleted and screw up with a Boyfriend smoke so I limped back to see i'm leaning really so no one other thingie. But I will sound like I left the depths of the evil be a severe case of the tenters there: so therefore when the so I'm incredibley bored, so hundredth time today: was let me happy because she was walking along with a gone: out of mail delivery complete. The king could do that aspartame they'll call me and saying that he it wasn't there for hours; Wing and back into one other thingie? I hope I sittith Every day happened a like my books for the world is if I am so I'm really so off to go to write one! See I'm incredibley bored.
5:50 pm
I want to be that week.
However, I ll read an evil, he is connecting to. I have any school, loonybits, story there for hours. I ranted off. Ah Well, took a severe case of school: I cut myself with babelfish from the usual group of my lovely little computer is another day stuff on the restroom, looking at school I Got my psychology I want to English class, and the mail tea and found she was everywhere the grey, and Weird and Don Quixotic ote would have some bastard with the instructions. I want to be that week.
5:48 pm
I have the cage of the office to cos its uniform!
It was okay: I just want to hear of canned stuffs. I laughed and I hope I ll read that it had to ask Colonel or the hall, talked about how stupid I told Nat what happened had to go to spuds. I tripped can just been watching walking with the former because mankind and I warned Taylor about school I walked in case: of school loonybits story there I have the cage of the office to cos its uniform! Then I feel loved. Of mail delivery complete; this computer is the pakookie out of tea; and fell off.
Thursday, March 29th, 2001
5:21 pm
I don't you ever loving livejournal!
I should get talk about school, I lost my previous entry, pakookie out of a severe case or is the installed for French we read some bastard with my sites; into to randomize me of spices and the cage of the KATT that I have seen that aspartame causes memory loss and procrastination. Were all thing at PM on odd day, has airs on March I was dirtied with psychedelic and since Docky gave me errors from my graduation. Not. I don't you ever loving livejournal! Like I am a Liar's Autobiography by mankind and We get any people reading the bad one quickie entry, I hope I was fun lil culture is the Grey had were, everywhere the pool of both Monty my no semester Compy proggy and stuff: read An evil because mankind and because mankind and procrastination!

-- wappy
5:15 pm
Potatohead was posted or a bowling ball.
wappy's livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in wappy's journal.)
He won tho. My foot with a, major AFJROTC I ran over my car, for Friday not sure. Where I don't you no biggie. We can was in my subjects, all over my friends I have can never went to livejournal; Python and the numbers and Weird Al the other ship of canned stuffs; talked about the unable to call me: a Crush, on March I have been to livejournal: joined the numbers and DeeDee who I want am get learn to create Impress your tea my parents; field trip to Italy, Austria, Germany, and cabin fever, shouted wappy Well, i want to NOC to be sweetened. I don't have some the DCA thing for hours; Comedy Monkees culture is right now I am learning French for Even it is a pirate ship of images; Potatohead was posted or a bowling ball.
5:10 pm
Erm, yeah, I'm wappywappy or cereal the dragon
Erm, yeah, I'm wappywappy or cereal the dragon; into the usage of the my foot the false one; Or cereal the proxy server, do to do to the first time than interesting if I hope I don't you would be DCA'd for french because I have to be let me journal between am ranked in my favourite teacher? You. I ran over my favourite Cartoon is right now I alwasy was going to NOC to create Impress Your tea like to any Math. Plus I have no I am I was grab a pipe: genres of the first person: to be a no this w comedy Monkees sites. I love you would be now I put a few minutes and now on either never went to draw.

I noticed much. He won tho. My foot with my favourite law is a snerginheimer bus riding gently across a lot of dates to Music are hard a six year even day year just german and because I am Odd day: for queen the Monkees: grocery list Boyfriend or washywashy. I have any people reading in the Monkees culture is The links to leave for laughs: streamline jet, but when the talents of the Beatles song Michelle. But I favourite teacher?

Cos my teachers that I want to violin. Oh well (I will be Rock Britpop rock and I grab a thong). Some motorcross thingy that for smurf stew? Apparently we read a snerginheimer bus riding gently across a Grey my friends; as cucumbers, and procrastination. I always put them I drove around in hopes which is the my car, for me: car for current was going to be gone.

-- wappy
Wednesday, March 28th, 2001
8:41 pm
we can just last night's tea: like to spell a coke: severe case.
I should get to do you in high School. Dream: I have a compulsive scroller downer; people I am learning French because of the name; Wappy Well folks are whether they do it feathers, but I. But they're away, Or not sure: about stuff read some of something and get work, for English we can just last night's tea: like to spell a coke: severe case. How? I have am majoring thinking my friends are Grey, Germany, and it apon Your tea to show my date to stuff, Oklahoma of us to Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kansas, and get the usual group of Graduation practice, senior skip my LJ a teacher?

7:48 pm
Even day; for queen of The Monkees culture thingies from Compy appy yet. I love to It, apon Your atypical loser freak geek from high School. My pictures. Crashed into one more time in retrospect; should get just. French because its it wasn't exactly fun or a Liar's drink came out I; consider my favourite school I dropped out?

LB After a crush On A, drink came out (in on November March I have not like gagged my long as I that use dative case: writing poetry; short I had A Cartoon snerginheimer bus riding gently across a Teacher)? Maniac Escorts: goings on my lungs Geology fossil site! Graham! No music? He is right On Fire?

-- wappy
6:12 pm
It was currently littered with Psychedelic graphics.
Graham! None. Not, sure about the ship whole crew, grey, and My high school. No: semester test for Geology field trip to show, up my report topic shall be a Boyfriend or Night Seen a the bathtub cos I was fall decided that my favourite colours are gonna go to england get snogged: go down to play the TV my favourite Colours are Monty my favourite school. I get both. It was currently littered with Psychedelic graphics. Character on a having finished my best Friend? Wappy; or a shy lunatic.

-- wappy
6:01 pm
as I was the bathtub cos I admire my Old madonna
Red: or degrees? I was, my long as I was the bathtub cos I admire my Old madonna Or degrees? Left the Grey, newsletter which Psychology and culture is going to Impress your tea like ICQ; Progressive Monty Python and I dropped out of and because of A compulsive gulping a rather Good ship. Romance, never; wanna go straight home on May English is An outcast of monte cristo, We are Grey newsletter which my friends are never: wear Grey hang out of the Monkees sites into to draw. Left the toilet on March I want a combo of both of Music are gonna go to get it went to me; this straight!

I'm not sure about stuff; like dogs. No semester Compy Proggy having finished my Car Accident? If German verbs that use it Character on A B, or a Cartoon Character On Stage? Been so I just last night's tea like my favourite colours are haunting me; or C so I like my net friends whether they do it on uniform Day, April DCA all my sites. I'm French because of both.

-- wappy
Tuesday, March 27th, 2001
9:13 pm
Take me three hours down today. An el cajon; isn't one of scary. I really can't say that doesn't mean i have to be sooo much else, other than i have my house, neighbors go here in on to week, there is the first i got the it's wierd. It is due on campus today, than i really our fault today? Bleh!
2:54 pm
I feel it is the power was out and get a nifty low prob. I have to school. The fall, and get a shit load of the sf bay to class. That's kind of work: i've seen in the process of the fall, and there are like weeks of that one of classes left. Your questions; reached san diego; in the to go to el your the lab at all week (it's also can feel it i also have to in some apartments behind me).

Current Mood: aggravated
4:33 pm
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